We at “LADDERS2LEARN“ provide after school supplements  and solutions through online consultations, guidance, worksheets and tools etc.to enhance learning & study skills ( learning methods, memory techniques etc.) and to remove learning difficulties (incomplete work in classroom, spelling errors, understanding the reading material in class and tests etc.) that help students in improving their school performance. Our solutions are designed according to the need of every child as per their developmental screening. Our programs also support in development of mental abilities, memory, learning & study skills with improvement in English, Hindi, Math skills in classroom performance as well and positive impact on Science and Social Sciences subjects etc. 

The Organisation is headed by Dr. Amita Bajpai and she is working as an educational counsellor in schools with a pretty long experience in the field. She has done her Masters in Psychology, PG Diploma in Counselling & Guidance and research work in Educational Psychology field. She has also done a course in teaching special children. He is supported by a group of teachers, special educators and doctors in developing tools and helping for educational progression of students.





Education with the help of tuition and orthodox pattern of repetition is outdated now. The tools and techniques developed by the center are based on effective brain abilities of coding – decoding and has shown excellent results against learning difficulties and for skill development. Most of the students have shown tremendous change in their performance within first six months and have shown improved academic results, enhanced memory skills, interest, better ability to pay attention and concentration, with effective and fast mathematical, reading-writing, perceptual skills and an overall better performance and academic achievement. We train children to enhance their abilities, confidence level to face any competition in future. Our work meets the standards and is a vision for brighter future of students. Our guidance not only covers learning skills but also takes care of stress, difficulties and interest issues. We work from root and support shoot of learning tree to get best flowers and fruits of results upto individual’s abilities. 

Our programs are individualized programs which specifically target the needs of the individuals and if practiced for a period of time, show significant improvements.


  1. These are funful, easy and activity oriented.
  2. Designed as per the need of the individual.
  3. Systematic and result oriented.
  4. Helpful in improving academic achievements.
  5. Improves attention and concentration abilities.
  6. Boosts up confidence level and self esteem.
  7. Easy to learn and recall.
  8. Removes difficulties and stress.
  9. Develops goods study skills to be independent.


Skill development as per child’s age and ability and in removing challenges and difficulties related with following issues :
  1. Perceptual Skill Development.
  2. Reasoning Skill Development.
  3. Ability to Read and Write better.
  4. Improving basic and mental math skills.
  5. Easy Grammar / Vocabulary Skills.
  6. Improving subject wise vocabulary skills.
  7. Improving organization and study skills.
  8. Developing interest and concentration.
  9. Positive parenting.
  10. Better memory skills and recall.
  11. Reading, Spelling, Writing Difficulties.
  12. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.


  1. Improved acadamic results.
  2. Improved Interest in studies.
  3. Developed skills to learn better in schools.
  4. High confidence level.