Learning Short Vowel Sounds

Learn Short Vowel Sound U

This is a sample video lesson to learn short vowel sound of U and its family words reading and spelling easily.

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Learning English Sight Words

Learn Reading English 3 Letter Sight Words

This video lesson is a sample to learn reading 3 letter Sight words easily and systematically. 

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Learning Diagraph Sounds

Learn Ch Sh Th Wh Sounds

This free video lesson is helpful to learn phonics sounds of Ch, Sh, Th and Wh which develops a step to move ahead for reading and spelling four letter English words through phonic sounds.

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Learning Ending Sounds

Learn Ending E Sounds

Change of sound of a word ending with letter E can be learned through this free video lesson to learn sound of a vowel different from its short vowel sounds.

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Learning Breading Big Words

Learn to Break Words in Parts

This Video lesson will help you to understand that big words are made up of their parts called syllables and by breaking we can write and by joining we can read big words well.

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