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While stepping up onto the ladder of learning and knowledge students learn various subject which help them to enhance their language skills, analytical skills and knowledge. Some times due to various reasons which include poor learning environment, wrong orientation, poor basics, learning difficulties they may need help in specific subject. Simple tutoring does not help much in these difficulties. Remedial avoids falling behind in performance and develops confidence and ability to understand the subject better.

Basic improvement in the area of languages ( English and Hindi ) and Basic Maths where students need consolidation in foundation skills and other areas of specific difficulty  other than basic skill based on subjects is desired.  Students also need help in concept, fundamental and technique based learning for subjects like Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Social Sciences (History, Geography, Civics ) and IT / Computers etc.

Before going into the remedial process, it is essential to find out and identify the specific difficulties that students face at different levels while learning these subjects. Some times only poor fundamentals in specific subject area may be the reason for such difficulties. Due to this reason a child may perform well in one subject and may show very poor performance in some other.

On the basis of classification of subjects which are taught at different class levels these are divided into the following areas :

Learn English Reading and Spellings
Learn Hindi Reading and Spellings
Learn Basics of Maths
Learn English Comprehension and Grammar
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