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During the natural process of development, all the children develop physically, socially, emotionally, basic motor movements, speech and language, basic thinking skills etc. according to their ages. But some of the skills can only be learn through training which our children normally learn in schools like reading, writing, spellings, maths etc. During pre-primary years we start working on these skills through orientations and opportunities. Many students face learning difficulties in different subjects and in their learning process that make academics hard for them to learn in the regular classroom and even at home. These children need special techniques and help for learning and to improve their academic performance.


The pyramid of success during the later years of studies is definitely supported by the basic development of learning skills and therefore any difficulty noticed during the early school years should be taken care at the earliest for a smooth way to success in future. Let me get the strength to learn and help me the way I can learn best is the voice of these children. Understanding the difficulties is the first step of solution. Remedial lessons for the area of difficulties are the best ways to handle these difficulties. Our school supplements are designed for specific target oriented remedials for solving the difficulties and filling the gaps. It clearly shows gradual improvement in the performance of the child. These programs help not only to improve the required skills but also promote self learning process. These remedial programs can be implemented easily in schools, at home or in our centers on one to one ratio or in group.


These packages are targeted to satisfy educational needs by solving learning difficulties, improving the related foundation skills, making learning a funful and easy process and to help in accommodating the student at the current level of curriculum. These remedial solutions result in improved academic performance, self esteem, increase confidence level and consolidated learning abilities.  

Various types of difficulties mostly noticed by the students during the learning process  are difficulties to learn.

Learn Writing and Handwriting Skills
Activities to Improve Reading and Spellings
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