During the process of development of every child, with the physical development of the body, the children also develop their  cognitive, motor, speech & language and social abilities. Upto an extent these abilities develop together naturally and help the child  to perform in various areas of life. The basic development of these abilities is supported by various other essential learned skills which are  controlled by the conscious brain and are requires intentional learning and efforts for best of their development and foundation for further learning.

Importance of these skills may not be understand at starting but many times we can observe that some children perform well in comparison to other children of their age group or class and some other struggle in learning and performing new concepts and things. This difference is not because of the reason that some children have special skills and other needs special help but is due to the fact how best the foundation skills are developed in past. Some children may learn these skills faster than others while some needs more time and help to learn. So it is suggestive that all learners must be equipped with these essential skills for future leanings.


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