What is Remedial ?

Remedial is a process which tends or intends to rectify or improve any area of difficulty.

Through our plans and techniques remedial process can help a child and his parents to identify the specific area of difficulty and can help them to plan systematically the way to overcome the same. Through this process children develop confidence, learning skills, subject based skills and help them and their families to cope with stress.


Whether my child needs remedials ?

If a real difficulty is faced, it is required to be solved like dyslexia. One of the important ways of solving the educational difficulties is remedial in the area of concern. Different signs that your child may show when he or she is facing learning problems may include :

  1. Delay in developmental milestones like speech and language etc.
  2. Poor eye contact
  3. Poor sociability with others specially with the same age children
  4. Poor attention span or hyperactivity
  5. Deteriorating school performance
  6. Difficulty in reading
  7. Difficulty in writing abilities (copying, speed of writing, handwriting)
  8. Difficulty in spellings
  9. Difficulty in Maths
  10. Difficulty in Comprehension
  11. Difficulty in memorisation
  12. Difficulty in concentration

When any one or more of these symptoms persist for more than a period of 3 months continuously and gradually increase in trend, may suggest a difficulty faced by the child in the associated area. Some times these problems may be with behavioral issues like absence from school,tantrums etc.

If the difficulty is identified and the remedial process starts at an early stage it mostly results in very good improvement in performance and requires less time to do so. With the gradual increase in quality and quantity of school curriculum if the difficulty persists, it may result in poor academic performance, loss of interest, poor vocabulary, difficulties in basics etc.

Our remedial plans are easy to impart by any parent or teacher and are supported with various tools and unique techniques which show gradual improvement in the area of difficulty up to the desired level.

   Basically it covers the following three areas in our programs:


   Learning and Allied Skills
   Subject wise Remedial
   Help For Special Children

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