During the process of development it is highly desired that the children should learn and develop their skills and knowledge as per their classroom curriculum and perform well among the same age children. This process of learning and its speed depends upon a number of factors including foundation learning skills, interest, how the topics are presented, whether the material presented is easy to memorize and recall, revisions of topics etc. Many times students don’t have proper material related with their curriculum available to them by using which they can learn, memorize, revise and practice the topics and lessons of their curriculum.

In this section we have presented the activities and materials which are prepared by keeping in mind the psycho-educational learning systems, interest factor, use of learning and memory techniques for preview, practice and revision etc. Further tools are also available to evaluate in the desired way to identify the strong and week areas subject and topic wise and to explore the activities for further learning and use.

Keeping in mind the level and standard of education this area is divided into three parts “


First learning steps for the children for developing basic abilities to receive and interpret  the material presented by using their senses. Curriculum basically concentrates on language and analytical skill development. At pre-primary stage mostly three years of learning are Playgroup, Nursery and Prep. And at primary level these are from class Ist to Vth.


Midway of schooling where a child needs to use the acquired skills for academic development and widening knowledge area in different subjects. Knowledge base is created in different basic area of maths, science and social sciences. Class level are VIth to VIIIth.



Consolidation period of school days when an adolescent develops base for advance studies and career. Subjects and streams are selected and studied keeping in mind the vision of future study and career based needs. Stress is on knowledge advancement, organization and competitive skills for higher achievements.

   Pre-Primary & Primary Level
   Junior School
   Secondary and Senior Secondary Level
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