Essential skills are actually those skills which are the basic life living skills required by an individual to live a social and as much as possible independent life inspite of various limitations, difficulties and disabilities. These are skills which every normal individual develops during the course of life living and learning. Some children take lesser time to grasp and perform while some other take more and even some may require special practice to acquire these skills. But if by every means these skills are developed upto an extent it will always give releif to the thought of the parents about -WHAT AFTER US-. Some of these skills are attending & imitational abilities and essential activities for daily routines and others.

Gradual improvement in these skills not only develops independence in the children but also make the otherwise learning process easy so that other important things can be imparted to them for performances. These skills are not only for special children but also for every children because these are the step of various developments which occur automatically during the developmental process but if the gaps arises they may effect the other things in future.

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