Parents try to provide best food, engage in different activities, provide best medical support, teachers etc. but still many of them have doubt and always have a question in their mind that whether my child is developing in the right way or not.

Mostly the nature always do its working and develop every individual as per its procedure and rules. We can observe that physical growth, development of language sense, vision, hearing and many more thing are naturally driven and could not be controlled by outside factors normally. There are individual differences as every individual have its own pace , environment, reception and reactions etc. But it is important to have watch in case of continuous and sustained differences in developmental milestones and learning process in comparison with average individuals of similar age group and may require professional support and guidance for intervention if any required.

To have general idea of child development, parents and teachers can easily understand the growth path by developing understanding towards developmental milestones and major developmental areas. In this write up we are discussing a few facts about developmental areas and continue it in a series with age wise discussion of major developmental areas.

Naturally biological body develops in its size and activities with continuous nourishment. In general there is a proportion of height and weight age wise which remain in a range and shows average growth of similar age children. The following child may give a idea of the same. Small variations are natural but if vast variations are observed, consultation with a health professional may provide support in the matter.

We will continue the series with other topics. Next will be Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

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