Subject of parenting is not taught anywhere. We all try to do our best for our children, which we gather from our own experiences, sharing to thoughts, observations etc. Education of children always remains a key area of concern for the parents and they want to provide best to their children. But the Basic Question arises : WHAT IS BEST OF EDUCATION FOR MY CHILD ?

Knowledge is not enough, skills to you knowledge are more essentials !

To fulfill the dream of a good and happy lifestyle in future for our children, we often try to select branded schools and colleges, best books, best of teachers etc. and we put best of our efforts to provide everything unique to them to be successful. This may be helpful in educational and vocational development of the child but are not the criteria of getting best out of them. 

We are of the opinion that the basic purpose of education is to enable every child to support him or herself for healthy and happy living, being civilized and developing and applying skills to earn their bread and butter with contribution to society. For this, only imparting knowledge from books is not enough. As no one can read without eyes or hear without ears, similarly the all the knowledge to develop and to use, needs some of the skills to learn at its best and perform better than average. FIRST STEP TO DO THIS IS DEVELOPING ESSENTIAL LEARNING SKILLS.

During early years of education, inspite of directly imparting educational contents, if we first focus on opening several windows and doors to grasp through our senses, to analyze in different ways, to interpret in different ways, our children will become more intelligent,   creative, better learners and performers during the coming years. 

To better understand these learning skills, we first need to understand some basics of development and learning. Not only after birth of the child, even during the pregnancy, children receive input through their senses and their brain stores, process and reciprocate or respond.   

Every child is learning in his or her own way.

Therefore the perceptual skill development is the first area which should be developed through various activities which enables overall development of the child and provides option to analyze the combined experiences perceived through different senses. This not only opens the doors of learning but also enriches visualization skills, memory, processing skills etc. which makes learning easy and fun.

Second important area of learning skills is development of language skills. We know that some of the language skills do not requires training  as brain naturally receive visual images and sounds, gather information’s, stores them and responds when out put is expected. This is the reason why speaking and comprehending native languages primarily not require any specific training. But to read and write a language, we need to learn it by specific coding and decoding visuals and sounds. These foundations stones of languages makes the reading and writing a soft experience though out the process of gaining knowledge of various subject areas. These reading and writing skills are the only way of communication other than speaking, through which expressions can be comprehended.  So focusing on fundamentals of the languages are very important.

We hope, this discussion will be helpful to understand the need of providing skills with knowledge for the best of the educational development of students. We will continue this discussion on different related topics in our coming posts. 

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