My Child is developing correctly !

Parents try to provide best food, engage in different activities, provide best medical support, teachers etc. but still many of them have doubt and always have a question in their mind that whether my child is developing in the right way or not. Mostly the nature always do its working and develop every individual as per its procedure and rules. We can observe that physical growth, development of language sense, vision, hearing and many more thing are naturally driven and could not be controlled by outside factors normally. There are individual differences as every individual have its own pace ,...Read more

Best of Education for my Child

Subject of parenting is not taught anywhere. We all try to do our best for our children, which we gather from our own experiences, sharing to thoughts, observations etc. Education of children always remains a key area of concern for the parents and they want to provide best to their children. But the Basic Question arises : WHAT IS BEST OF EDUCATION FOR MY CHILD ? To fulfill the dream of a good and happy lifestyle in future for our children, we often try to select branded schools and colleges, best books, best of teachers etc. and we put best...Read more

Learning Disability or Difficulty

Learning   is   a continuous   process.  During   the   process  of  educational development, individual children have  different ways of learning and also face some or the other problems naturally. But some time the continuity of the  problem persist  and start  effecting education and other issues. This is the point where intervention by an expert is required to help and improve.  But before starting remediation for learning issues, if it is identified well that basically the problem is arising as difficulty due to poor orientation or opportunity of learning the concept, faulty teaching, dis-interest etc. or the child is learning it again and...Read more