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- We are an organisation working for Students, Parents and Teachers with the vision of Smart Student development with Self reliance for learning & education and No child should left behind in schools.

- Our group is a bunch of Educational Counsellors, Teachers, Educators, Parents and Volunteers who work together for spreading awareness, providing guidance and counselling, suggesting plans and providing tools and worksheets for skill development and remedials of learning problems of school going students.

- The Head of the organisation is Dr.Amita Bajpai who has done her masters in psychology and doctorate in Education alongwith PG diploma in Counselling and Guidance and Certificate in Special Education. She has more than 15 years of experience as School Counsellor in renound Schools.

- We provide online and offline support of assessment, guidance and remedial support online / offline with our Video tools, Workbooks and Worksheets which are developed to improve multisensory learning approach and as solution for learning problems.

Following are the facilities which are extended through this online plateform :

Topic wise Videos & WorkBooks

Our topic wise workbooks are ready to use set of worksheets with specially designed activities for every student to learn and practice different topics in the following areas :

~> English : Phonics, Sight Words & Grammar
~> Hindi : Sight Words, Matras & Grammar
~> Maths : Basics & Mental Maths
~> Handwriting : Motor Skills and Patterns
~> Study Skills : Organisation, SQ3R and Memory Techniques
~> Perceptual Skills : Visual & Auditory 

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Personalized Packages

Our customized pacakages include ::

~> Direct Consulation with Our Experts on Net or Phone
~> Tailor Made Worksheet and Tools as Per Child's Need
~> Regular Followup Support by Our Team
~> Handwriting, IQ & GK Boosters 

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 Solutions for Learning Problems

~> Solutions for problems in English Reading, Spelling & Comprehension 
~> Solutions for problems in Hindi Reading & Spellings
~> Solutions for problems in Basic and Mental Maths and Word Problems
~> Solutions for problem in Copying and Slow writing
~> Solutions of problem of Poor handwriting
~> Solutions of problems like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia etc. and other learning disabilities and difficulties

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 Smart Student Skills

~> Do you want your child to excel in Class
~> Do you want your child yo read and write fluently
~> Do you want your child to improve Comprehension and Vocabulary
~> Do you want your child to calculate mentally faster
~> Do you want your child to write in good handwriting
~> Do you want your child to improve analytical and reasoning skills

Securing good marks in all exams and does not require only knowledge of facts but it also needs good analytical and reasoning skills to develop the abilities of brain to think and learn SMARTLY

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Guidance & Counselling

We welcome queries from parents for guidance and counselling regarding :

~> Behavioural Problems
~> Specific Learning Problems
~> Career Guidance

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 Success Stories

"Thank You for all your support. We were facing the learning problems with our child since starting. We have changed several tutors and have tried a number of things but could not get success. With your support and systematic plans now my child is able to cope up with his academics. His class teacher was also appreciating improvement in him. We hope soon we will come out of this dark dream. Thanks a lot."
                                                                                                                                           - Vinay Jain, Lucknow

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