Worksheets and Online videos for learning Hindi, English, Maths, Reading, Spellings, Matras, Tables, IQ, Handwriting, activities, study skills: Support for slow learners, autistic, and other learning disable children

:: Understanding Learning & Learning Problems ::

What is Learning

Simply Saying : Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

So, learning have basic two factors which are received, learned or experienced :
      ~> Knowledge
      ~> Skills

# Knowledge are the facts which we store in our memory and can use them as earlier experiences to reply a given problems. The subjects we learn in schools are basically knowledge of facts of science, maths, social sciences etc.

# Skills are abilities which are required to perform a given task or to use knowledge and are very much required for better school performance but unfortunately are not focused in schools.  

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What are Learning Problems

When a child is performing below average in schools for a period of more than 6 months, early interventions for identifying his or her learning problems is must. It may be possible that due to several environmental factors, poor teaching or background a student may face learning difficulty in one or more areas of learning which can be corrected with proper remedials. Mostly 20% student of a class faces one or more type of learning problems but some of them actually unable to improve their learning abilities inspite of all possible efforts like changing tutors, changing schools etc. These children may be suffering from learning disabilties like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia etc.  

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Problem in Hindi Reading & Spellings

In India Hindi being the official language of the country has its importance for communications. It is a simple language with least exceptions and easy grammar. To learn hindi Reading and Spellings, a student needs to learn :

~> Hindi Sight Words
~> Hindi Matras
~> Hindi Alphabets
~> Without Matra Words
~> Hindi Grammer and Vocabulary
~> Hindi Compound Words and Others  

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Problem in English Reading & Spellings

As india was under british rule for a period of 200 years, when all the work basically was done in English, even after independence, English remains the main link language between people, being an internatiionally accepted lanaugage and medium of instruction in schools in many of the schools, it is learned by the people. For learning basic skills in English, students needs to learn ::

~> English Sight Words
~> English Phonic - Vowel Sounds
~> English Phonic - Blends
~> English Phonic - Breaking Words and Spelling Rules
~> English Grammar and Vocabulary
~> English Writing Skills

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Problem in Writing Skills

Students with problems in their writing skills are can easilty gets pointed out by teachers due to their ::

~> Incomplete Class work
~> Incomplete Question Papers
~> Poor Handwriting
~> Poor Copying Skills
~> Complains about pain in hand
~> Always avoid writing work

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 Problem in Maths

For Learning Important skills of Calculation and Math Concepts, our books will be helpful in learning ::  

~> Number and Number Concepts
~> Addition and Subtraction
~> Multiplication Tables
~> Multiplication and Division
~> Basic Concepts of Decimal, Fractions, Percentage etc.
~> Other Essential Concepts and Formulas

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 Problem in Perceptual Skills

The ability of brain to receive and interprete the inputs about what we see and what we hear is very important for grasping contents from classroom teaching. These are the essential areas by which students learn to differentiate, memorise, filter, focus etc. These includes skills of ::

~> Visual and Auditory discrimination and Closure
~> Visual and Auditory Memory
~> Figure Ground
~> Hand eye Coordination

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 Problem in Study Habits

Good acadamic achievements are not only dependent on learning skills but to acquire good knowledge of subjects proper organised planing of studies and use of study skills like SQ3R, Memory techniques etc. are required. By learning and practicing these a student may become a super student who can learn easily and can perform well in exams with ease.

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Problem in Comprehension

We all learn languages to communicate but the comprehension skills of languages like English and Hindi which are basic language of interpretation of our communications and education are very much desired for performing well in studies. We read to comprehend the language expressed by others and we write to express our ideas to be decoded by others in the same way they are expressed. These comprehension skills of any language depends upon ::  

~> Vocabulary
~> Listening Skills
~> Grammar of the Language

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